Friday, January 30, 2009

Photography for Massage? Photographer in Training

For the last couple of weeks I have been teaching a masseuse photography in exchange for her expertise in massage. Bartering of services is of great value if you can find someone willing to barter for what you want and have to offer to them. In this case, I am bartering my knowledge and expertise in photography for her expertise in massage.

Currently she is my photographer in training and is proving to have an eye for great shots. My goal with her training is to get her started in photography with all the basic knowledge to allow her to expand and develop her own style of photography. I plan on guiding her through the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. From there I want to guide her through the process of buying her first professional DSLR and then setting up her own business.

Once I have established her I want begin doing the same thing for other ambitious photographers. I want to be a business consultant for photographers. Teach them everything they need to know about photography itself and more importantly the business.

As for my credentials.
1) I have been studying and applying photography for over 5 years.
2) I have taken 2 years of school for photography.
3) I started out with 35mm film, and exposed and developed all of my film and prints myself.
4) I started my own photography company a year and a half ago.
5) I have shot, designed, and organized three separate calendars for profit and charity.
6) I have shot a myriad of events ranging from 10 people to 300 people.
7) I teach all levelss of photography throughout San Diego at multiple Ritz Camera locations.
8) I have worked in sales for cameras for over 2 years and know all the details about all the brands.

If you have questions about photography or the business aspect, I have the answers.

-Jason Kirby

The Right Light Photography

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