Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Right Light Photography - Jason Kirby's First Blog


This is the first post of many to come. This blog will offer photography tips and also camera and product reviews related to the photographic world. Please look out for updates every Friday. Also make sure to check out my website http://www.therightlightphotography.com/ I own a photography company that operates out of San Diego. I also work for a reputable camera store, in which I sell and review cameras for a living. I am a Nikon DSLR user myself, but I am a non-biased reviewer.

Also please check my personal website http://www.jason-kirby.com/ where there will be links and information related to San Diego, Photography, College Life at San Diego State University, Entrepreneurs, Professional Networkers, and even digital marketing. My other blogs related to these topics are http://kirbyprofessional.wordpress.com/ (updated every Wednesday) and http://jason-kirby.blogspot.com/ (updated every Monday)

I hope you enjoy and look forward to my future posts on photography and cameras,

Jason Kirby
The Right Light Photography

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